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I know this it is a long time since you posted, but I am not internet savvy, and only have iPhone and joined this site six months ago. 

Regarding pregnacy after surgery:- My Mother had her First surgery In 1959 at age 21, and in those days the only option was permanent ileostomy. Which at that time was about a 3-4inch opening kept open will a brass ring, and she had 2 reusable bags which she used for thirty years. She had no aftercare no checkups nor to many problems until 30 years later when she was 50. When rather more radical surgery was necessary. She is still loving her life and she will be 81 next month ! ! !

She was told she would never be able to have children. They were wrong, mother had 5 children and I am the only on with FAP. All natural births and 2 of those home births.

As  for testing in early stages of pregnancy, 22 years ago I had this done at eleven weeks pregnant. (This procedure was worse that pouch surgery) The many people keen to ‘interogate’ Me before hand scared me, and at this time I failed to understand what was meant by “Even if the baby does not have FAP you will still have to have a termination” !!!  I was told the results showed that the baby did have FAP and I would now need to have me termination within the next week. The only reason I had the test is because my husband and I had just agreed to separate and my head was all over the place. I should never have gone for that test, it was in 1997, and the first time the medical people had the opportunity to do their testing, In my opinion I was the first idiot that came along. I have never found any papers published on this test as early as my test was done and have had serious mental health difficulties because of it,

As for modern day ‘ choosing a none FAP fetous” All I can say is I am very glad this was not available to my Mother, for if it was I would never have experienced time on earth. And no matter how shitty (pun intended) things have been from time to time. I thank the Divine every day for my life and all my experiences both the good and not so good.

Think of it this way, would you rather you were never born ?

I say all this with Love and Kindness. It’s just I sometimes feel that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Kindest Regards

Rachel xx

I am all ways slow with responses due to my circumstances, but I will always respond to any questions people may have for me 

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