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Paranoia & Avoiding Different Foods

I currently have a J-Pouch. About 6 months ago when I had my Ostomy I had an emergency surgery to revise my stoma that prolapsed (My stoma rolled out of me about 2-3 feet). Prior to this I had eaten at a restaurant and enjoyed Carrots, Radish, & Steak tacos. I believe this may have contributed to a blockage due to the roughage/veggies. Ever since this incident I have avoided most vegetables at all costs. I have tried well cooked carrots (pot-roast) & they seem to always cause me problems and not digest properly, or at all. I don't even eat french fries that have the potato skin still on them. I strain my smoothies to make sure there is no banana chunks or pieces of accidental debris, I strain my lemons/limes in fear of digesting a seed. I tried Strawberries & Raspberries and the seeds caused me awful pain. I do enjoy mashed potatoes occasionally, fries, basil pesto ( it is very finely ground), & sometimes tolerate herbs like oregano. For a long time I even refused to eat food with pieces of oregano/greens. A few months ago I was convinced by someone to try eating micro green beansprouts and did OKAY with them. I already have tremendous gas so I'm not sure if they contributed to that. I guess my question is, am I being too cautious or "paranoid"? I see many of you eat whatever you want, that sounds like a very distant dream to me. I even avoid spinach, haven't bothered trying lettuce, corn, or peanuts, & am becoming malnourished. I sometimes drink Vega-One protein shake however I think it contributes toward my excess gas. I tried well cooked cauliflower and blended it up and it caused me to have gas.

Do I even need to worry about blockage now that I've had my takedown to a J-pouch? Keep in mind, the blockage was when I had an ostomy.

Also, I see many people rave over peanut butter. Does anyone experience problems with peanut butter? I believe I am having problems with nut butters/nut milks. (The real nut butters, not the hydrogenated or ones with palm or other oils)

Sorry for the long post and any/all input is appreciated! 

Today it hit me, someone close to me said that I'm "Paranoid" & later was called out on my picky eating habits. I am tired of being judged at every restaurant I go to and by loved ones/friends.  All I could respond with was "You would be too if you were hospitalized due to a food blockage". Some people (Im convinced all people) will never understand unless they were in our situation or had a j-pouch or ostomy. That was hard, for now I am doing my best to ignore it and stay strong.


I am ready to slowly try some new foods! I miss BEANS, mushrooms, kale, spinach, heck I even miss broccoli (I never thought I would say that) 

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