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Other Pouchers Experiences with Loperimide 2m capsules and their gi's compliance hesitance or not concerning prescribing it to slow parastalysis/control diarrhea

My  J is 19 years old now. My surgeon who operated on me in 2001 introduced me to loperimide and i was always told its a benign med and would be effective in controlling /slowing frequency and diarrhea issues. This being said, My local gastroenterologist whose care ive been in since age 23 has discontinued being interested in prescribing it for me on the basis that he thinks if i requested a larger supply per month be faxed to my pharmacy where by instead of 120 pills a month totyalling to take 4 x a day i asked about 6 to 8 x a day so a larger quantity and he said the drugs is acting or giving a placebo effect and its really not benefitting me to take it any longer as he thinks my body/gut used to the medicine and its not doing the job.


i would like to know what others jpouchers experiences have been? are your gastroenterologists on board in continually prescribing it/and believe it is helping you/and you are benefitting from its use?

eventually the guy is going to retire anyway as he is already 70 y/o and i'll need care elsewhere perhaps a teaching hospital to take over my care. i need life long surviellence for the fap/gardners varient polyposis that i have. And im thinking mayhaps anopther gi guy wont be so adement/negative about the loperimide.


i did explain i feel more secure with it than not having it to him and he proceeded to say it has narcotic effects to it.

i go in for a flex sig/pouchoscopy next on oct. 7th wednesday   for my once a year followup/surviellence


i have my sigmoid colon intact which is the last 6 to 8 inches or so of rectum and then the pouch attached up above.  not what most jpouchers have which is the spincter/small 1-2 cm cuff area and the pouch, for reference.


thanks for any/all feedback!



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