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Reply to "Nuval valve"

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for checking. Things did not go well though, I only kept the NuVal in a week. After a day and a half it was leaking stool constantly and the pressure was so intense when I would go to empty it would just explode out!. I had to keep pushing it in and it was quite painful for me to sit up and even walk to the bathroom.

 I was nauseous and had diarrhea the entire time, quite unusual for me as I suffer from chronic constipation .

They just thought the gas build up was so intense it was pushing it out.??

it was tough putting in due to bad stenosis and I had to be put under for that. Guess it just didn’t like me. Following in the footsteps of some of my other body parts , darn em’🤬

I read one of your other posts and you are so right, just gotta know who and what we are and just have to find our good spot !

Last week reminded me that I can and have been much worse. Now tomorrow I am making a couple hour flight and I will be crazy nervous  about toilet access, but will tell myself to thank the Lord I am where I am and to feel Blessed .

You are a great help to us out here and Kim has been a great help to me I have deep gratitude for those who take the time to respond to others in need , we are are very special little group, do think those Drs know that also.







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