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Reply to "No Meds during pregnancy"


Next, have you tried any natural thickeners like psyllium husk or Metamucil? You can probably get the same or similar products from a health food store too if you are worried.

I agree with the elimination diet too. Try removing only one food group from your diet, keep a journal, give it a few days before expecting results, and write down how your body reacts.

If there is no change then try a different food group.

I generally suggest to cut out all dairy first...if it works, then great, if not, try cutting our all wheat flour (other grains can be fine).

If you still have problems try cutting out sugar (yes, even fruits for a few days)...then slowly introduce them one type at a time...

The food diary will be your best will give you a good idea what does and does not work for you.

Good luck


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