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Reply to "Night time nonsense...pouch or bladder?"

@skn69 posted:

I like can try just eating a chicken breast and having a protein shake or something like (if you can eat it) Greek yogurt.

I like homemade, blended vegetable soups too...I make them with bones sometimes for the extra vitamins and flavor...that with a piece of chicken in it or a fish soup (my favorite food in the world) is just every leftover piece of fish that the fishmonger has (bones, heads) that are cooked together and strained...then I add a paprika/tomato base and simmer with is rich, hearty (you can add chunks of fish and fresh herbs) makes for a satisfying, pouch-friendly, bladder-friendly meal that goes in-and-out before bedtime...I sleep like a baby after that!

Make whatever makes you, your mouth and tummy happy but reset your stomach-clock.

It takes me a couple of nights but then I am fine.


thank you Sharon! So your method is to have something that goes out quickly. Sounds good.

So thinking out loud now (or in writing)  I would say I am wondering if that will make me feel hungry by bed time (3 - 4 hrs after dinner) and make me eat again before going to bed. I recall your post on trying to ignore our brain/habits and not get up to eat during sleep which relates to this as well. (I dont seem to tolerate being hungry very well. I get a stomach cramp and headache when being hungry for long. I think I had this sensitivity even before I got diagnosed with UC which is 14 years ago). But anyway.

So what I have been thinking about and started it in the last few days is to have a meal that will keep me full but not give me gases which would wake me up and I think plain meat, tuna or hard eggs are good candidates for these as they are not carbs. I started trying hard eggs and be consistent with short frequent meals so that dinner is not heavy. Shall see how it goes. Do you have any advise on this?



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