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Reply to "Night time nonsense...pouch or bladder?"

@skn69 posted:

I must admit that unless I suspect something serious (or I have real proof), I tend to not run to the nearest doctor. Not that I cannot afford to...I live in a country with social health insurance and I have 100% coverage.

That said, as the years go by, appointments are harder to get and it takes longer to find a specialist.

Years of not having a doctor or surgeon who knew what a K pouch was or what my plumbing looked like made me very self-reliant so I tend to go for all of the 'easy' or 'simple' solutions first before wasting my time sitting in a waiting room.

Doesn't meant that you shouldn't consult...Far from it. But if you have 0 symptoms in the daytime then it is probably not a UTI or Pouchitis but more sleep-cycle-related or the time that you eat or drink and what goes in...but that is my opinion and not fact...

Just saying


I understand your point but running to the nearest doctor helps prevent the worse from happening.

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