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Reply to "Night time nonsense...pouch or bladder?"

Sounds like a plan Mina,

We are all different and all have different turn-around times for our digestive processes... I transit fruit in the morning in under 1/2hr...proteins like yogurt or chicken breast (not fried) in under 3hrs...(the time it takes to finish my afternoon classes so that my pouch is empty when I take the subway home)...carbs are too tricky for me because I tend to eat them with cheese and that multiplies (+/-) the digestive times.

When I had my pouch done in 1979 I was told to eat before 5pm (impossible for me) so that my pouch would be empty during the you, I found that I was starving all evening long (and my lifestyle does not allow me to dine at 5pm...Closer to 8 or 9pm).

I was miserable (but very skinny).

I later learned that if I had a meal earlier and a late-night snack an hour before bed, I could sleep through the night without any problem...

Split your the heavier part early (carbs) and the protein part later or a nice thick soup...

With Covid, confinement, curfew and everything else going on I either have classes so early that it is ridiculous (up at 5am) or I teach from home and that means I can get up at 7 or 8 system is often thrown out of wack..

Sort of like digestive I reboot dinner times and either eat earlier or later according to my will find your 'bliss' one way or the other...just beware...if you are having uncomfortable symptoms, bloating, cramping, pain, dizziness, headaches or anything out of the normal then track it, write it down and if it persists, call your doctor...things like getting up to pee at night can be a sign of high blood sugar. Cramps can be a sign of potassium loss...

Just saying that sometimes it is nothing and sometimes it is not.


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