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Reply to "Night time nonsense...pouch or bladder?"

It happens to me (at the moment)...but not usually.

It becomes a pattern and your brain/body connection just continues doing it. You need to 'break' the pattern. It is the only way to get back to normal sleep.

Firstly, you need to give yourself a liquid dinner that can be emptied out within 3hrs (or before bed) to be sure that your pouch/bladder are really might need to push forward your sleep time to do so. 

Then, when it wakes you up at 2am, refuse to leave the bed or listen to it. It is lying to you. You do not need to go. You might need to do this a couple nights in a row to be able to get back to your original schedule but it will happen eventually. 

Mine does it after vacations where I have gone off of both diet and schedule or after some massive wedding where I ate everything in sight and ate very late. 

Good luck


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