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Reply to "New Diagnosis??"

Thanks so much for the replies already.  This all started back in August when an orthopedic doctor prescribed a medication called diclonafec for tendonitis in my knee.  After about a week of being on that medication, my pouch was out of control.  The doctor put me on cipro and flagyl for 2 weeks.  I only took it for one week, because the flagyl makes me feel so bad and my symptoms had improved.  By October,  things were getting bad again.  By Thanksgiving,  I was miserable.   So I went back to the surgeon on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Since then, we've been trying to get this cleared up.  

As for the backwash ileitis, I've never heard of that.  My doc basically just said the inflammation is above my pouch, in my small intestines.  

After I completed a full 2 weeks on both cipro and flagyl and then two more weeks of just cipro                  (basically the whole month if December), I felt great and was optimistic...I finished the meds on Jan 1.  By Jan 4, I was out of control again.  So, that's where I am now.  

I don't think that chronic pouchitis is the doc did say that only the very bottom of the pouch still had a small amount of inflammation.   He's concerned about what's happening above the pouch.  

Does the backwash ileitis occur above the pouch? 


Thanks so much,



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