Reply to "Never feeling better"


I've had the  close to the same experience.

Painful dreaded bathroom experiences. 

More time in the bathroom than out. 

Sorry to hear this. I didn't have pouchitis. But it never worked right and I tried things like you said. 

It seemed to only make things worse and at 26 months I couldn't take it any longer and had it removed. After much thought and dread of course. Buts it's gone. And I'm better off now. 

I only hope you can find a way through. Just remember.  Life does not end with an ileo. If that's where you end up. I am healthy and happy. It's no fun what your going through. I know. I've been there. My time was limited in my case . It was slowly killing me. I can see that now. I just didn't have time to go through any more diets or surgery to see if this or that would work.  I had to go to what worked. And this does.  I just didn't have time. 

But I'm happy with the outcome.  Because I was miserable with the pouch. It was worse than the uc. I didn't think anything could be but that was. 

My best to you. Like I said. I hope you find your place. It's there. And it can be found. 

Sorry it's not a positive reply. It is in a way. Because I did get my life outside of a bathroom back. And I have no pain.  No burn. None of that. Done with all that. And thank goodness for that. 


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