Reply to "Negativity"

I would not say that this forum 'saved my life' but pretty close.

I logged on and connected with others when my life was at the bottom of a black hole and I had nobody on this planet who could understand me. I cried, complained, vented, raged against the medical professionals where I live and the lack of options offered to me. I had suffered in silence for years and the dam finally burst.

I found kindness, warmth, understanding and help here. Lots of help. 

I made great friends, possibly a couple of fans and certainly a few people who dislike my point of view. You cannot be loved by all. 

I am thankful and grateful beyond measure for the possibility that this site gave me to cry and vent and bi-ch my little heart out until things got better. 

Then I came back to help others in the same boat.

I am at a reasonably good place right now, health-wise. I am lucky. I have been through more than most and less than some. 

We do not all get the chance to heal. But at least here we get the chance to complain about it.

That is the whole point of coming here. 


You take the good with the in life.


p.s. I am a professional optimist. I get paid to teach people about happiness. I lecture around the world on it. (paradoxical, isn't it????) The first part of all of my presentations is to lead those who have paid to come and see tears. Yes, I make them cry. For their pain, sadness and loneliness. They cry because you cannot feel joy until you have felt sadness. You cannot understand success until you have felt failure. 

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