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Reply to "Need Guidance on How to Choose a Surgeon"

Sara, I recently had surgery out of state using a surgeon I had on prior surgeries who had moved from my home state, as I just felt , after much debate, that I needed the person with the most experience. To the best of my knowledge.

I am under the care of Cleveland Clinic for after care,  and have been in the past. Their GI department is fabulous and the really keep up with what I need. They remind me of blood work and check on how I’m doing, etc...Even with having had surgery out of their system.

I know what you mean about a rude nurse. Having had a few hospital stay in the last 6 months, I’ve had a hand full, that shouldn’t be in the nursing field. No compassion at all.But, the last year has been very difficult on everyone and we have maybe seen the worst in people ( and the best) come out! Some of these people made me so sad and even act not my best in my reactions to them.

But the great majority are the finest people we have, and wish I could name them individually!!

It’s quite hard to make decisions as important as these under so much stress. I am very happy I made the trip for my surgery and the great Dr Remzi also that I can depend on CCF for my care.
I really  send my deepest thoughts and hopes that you can feel secure in your decisions. I wish I were close to you to give you a big hug , I know we all need someone to talk to and it’s hard to burden those around us with those feelings constantly. I don’t have any answers for you only want to let you know others go through the same indecision as you.

God bless you , Janice

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