Reply to "Need encouragement from jpouchers"

hello christine,

sorry to hear you are still feeling this way. as you know im in this with you as far as our recovery period. i know we've talked, so i personally probably cant tell you anything new, but am just here to offer support.

i think we are in a similar boat, but maybe with differing problems....i feel like ive been going a lil backwards the past two weeks and still cant figure stuff out it seems...i have the feeling of needing to go a lot too, and have basically determined that i simply cannot eat more than 1000 calories, bland food at that, without having irritation or going a billion times a day, uncomfortably at that....

im very interested in people responses also...

some things ive gathered is that it seems people average 4 months before feeling human again.......

strange, because my surgeon said i should be able to go back to work at two or three weeks....and there was no way that was going to happen. i did it anyway, but it has been hell.

in an attempt to be positive, i just try and remember the days, and weeks at a time where i had to sleep sitting up, in the corner of a room, and not move an inch in an attempt to avoid passing blood every 3 minutes, only to have my sleeping strategy bless me with an extra 2-5 minutes!!!! i also try and remember the day i left the hospital after takedown adn how miserable i was....and realizing i am better than that, even if only slightly..

that doesnt change whats happening to us now though, so i completely understand. its been ruining quite a few days for me lately...

i look forward to peoples responses.
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