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Reply to "Need a good article about pouchitis?"

Originally Posted by RHolt:
Originally Posted by Jan Dollar:
I am making this a "sticky" so that people can access it more easily. It is such a great resource.

Scott F brought this article to my attention that would be a good article to just have on hand or even to share with your GI or primary doctor s a resource. A good one to have in your file.

It is Dr. Shen's article from last year entitled, "Pouchitis: What Every Gstroenterologist Needs to Know." It is very comprehensive and up to date, with diagnostic methods and management protocols. If you want to suggest alternative ideas, presenting this authoritative article may help avoid being dismissed.

It is not just an abstract, but the full text article:

Jan Smiler


Sorry---I hit the submit button before writing!! I just want to say thanks for the great article. Also, in reading through people's experiences here, I am SO sorry that you have had so much trouble with pouchitis. I think I have had it once or twice, but I never took antibiotics. My symptoms were not increased urgency, but blood in the stool and in the toilet bowl water. The doctor did a scope of the pouch and took samples that showed inflammation and irritation. The bleeding stopped, so I did not press to be on antibiotics, but instead I took probiotics. I want to learn more about these and try to find something more affordable than VSL#3 that works.

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