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Reply to "Need a good article about pouchitis?"

Thank you Jan, for this article, I will bring it with me to my next appointment, if I can get one.
I am about to loose my mind, because I have an end ileostomy and it will be 2 years in april. I have switched from one hospital to another and well, I feel like I have been left in the cracks.
I have been dealing with anal leakage for quite a while, well to be honest since the end ileostomy, and was told that it was normal was due to fistulas, and well being disconnected , things would calm down n clear up.
My frustration and worry is things are not getting better, actually I have been feeling worse. I ended up in ER before the holidays because I can't get a hold of dr. Long story short after months of complaint, I begged the residant that saw me in ER to give me some anibiotics. I was to see a dr a week later, but it wasn't the nicest of doctors.
I have a question? For the first time in my life I was examined this way... She put me on a examining table were I kneeled down payed flat on my tummy, then my upper body was lowered where my head went down and my butt was up in the air! She then put a scope in me, she was very rough, I streamed so loud the pain was unbearable, it was so brutal I felt so violated Frowner she was so rude!! She left me there with blood gushing down my legs, telling me to meet her in her office. When I finally got the strenght to clean my self up with the tissues I had in my bag, I manage to make it to her office in tears, she was standing in front of her desk stating that she had no clue why my dr was wasting his time on me.
She blurts out your pouch is full of pouchitis get rid of it put a permanent bag n move on with your life!!!!
I felt like I got ran over by an eighteen wheeler. This was not happening, have they not been paying attention to what I have been through and by what I was complaining about or was this just a bad dream!
At this point I had some salofalk at home and started one those and continued on the antibiotics .she basically washed her hands and told me wait for your dr. See what he want to do but she wasn't wasting her time.
At this point I beg to go see someone at the infectious desease because my dr was still out of town and the ones that were there weren't interested on helping.
I feel in the hand of a nice dr.whom was shocked about what happending and was willing to follow me while on flagyl and cipro .
After being on them for 3 weeks was starting to get side affects of nausea lack of appetite and pain in my legs and ankles . He then decided to switch to avelox, five days later symptoms were better but started getting severly itchy skin and the dischard was a little better but not drastically.
Question is the discharge at times is bloody and I feel at times the need to push is tis normal???

I never heard of cuffis, or of bacterial overgrowth? I' m really scared and to be honest I'm losing trust in these doctors, and am scared that my situation has been neglected for to long that I may end up losing my pouch due to negligence,!!

Help!! Does anybody have any suggestion?? Anything would be helpful, because I really feel like I've been tossed to the curb... And ya Montreal' s medical system is getting worse by the minute!!!!

If I only had the funds I would so go to see the dr guru you all mention.. But I haven't lost hope, this site keeps me fighting n hopeful thank you all!!
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