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Hi Guys, 

Advice, please...

I have been having particularly bad nausea these last few days/week...I'd say morning sickness but a) I am way too old and b) it lasts until about 5 pm. 

I cannot eat, I can barely drink fluids (only really cold stuff), I have no pain, my pouch output is fine and I am not cramping or in any sort of discomfort other than the obvious. 

I am also getting dizzy/fainty...(that may be because I can't keep anything down). My position does not change anything, sitting/standing or laying on my side don't help. No heartburn or dyspepsia. 

It has gotten to the point where I cannot function normally...making work difficult and the dizziness makes working on a screen very uncomfortable (sends me hurling).

I have always had morning nausea, never been able to eat solids until 4hrs after waking (morning routine is water/juice/coffee/meds)...then I eat a banana and I am fine for a few I cannot even do that.

They are not taking any 'non-urgent' patients at the ER or hospital and the doctors are strongly discouraging visits for the moment...

So, I turn to you, my oracles, for advice?? 

I am not losing weight because after 5 pm my appetite is fine, but I can only eat carbs like whole-grain toast or pasta, plain...and soft foods...anything with an odor/smell brings the nausea right back.

I am afraid to take Gravol or other nausea meds because they put me right to sleep and then I can't work.



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