My latest UC theory-Call it part X

I know it is too late for many here but,it might save one colon.
I am driven to solve the disease.
Hopefully I will get it close someday.

Old Mike-AKA Glenns Dad

Here is the whole thread from another forum,what I have posted here are mostly studies.

Based on Dysbiosis in inflammatory bowel diseases: the oxygen hypothesis.
The key point I believe is that facultative anaerobes should not be present in any kind of high amounts.
Seems like this is tying together.

Inflammation, generates more oxygen in the colon iNOS/possible excess nitrates in diet/ROS/blood, all add to excess oxygen , or oxygen radicals. Obligate anaerobes/bacteriodes die, trpsin/protease is not deactivated,facultative anaerobes grow and invade,more inflammation,tissue destruction. Not necessarily in this exact order.

Interestingly enough bacteriodes are the only bacteria known to deactivate trypsin, a serine protease.

If too much protease is present say in the colon/rectum we start to digest ourselves.

Possible trigger events.


excess nitrate in diet



Believe need a multipronged approach.

Low nitrate/nitrite diet. May need to go totally organic,and stop certain veggies.

Possible low arginine diet/reduced arginine.


Perhaps DMSO or other oxygen scavenger that works in the colon.

Might even need pred to first stop the inflammation, as much as possible.

Certain probiotics may help,don't know which ones.

Probably much more one can do,need to put more thought into it.

This might be why they can't find a specific IBD pathogen,and why it is idiopathic.

Its our own bacteria.

Please read all this info so you can understand what is going on.

inflammation probably causing the problem

levels in ibd

host derived nitrate.

well what do you know,brings us full circle back to inos.

inhibitors" target="_blank">http://webcache.googleusercont...&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us



You would want to be Manganese sufficient.

more bacteria are NO generators

diversion colitis

counter point

NO from dysbiotic respiration of nitrate

Nitrates in diet

Moving on to nitrates and nitrite my old thread,more info.

Oxygen scavengers


and UC dmso

free radicals old stuff,takes some time to load

trypsin and bacteria

I am always harping on protease.

Something might be going on with certain probiotics

some NO chemistry

inos mucus

not sure what this might mean, brand new info

another on dysbiosis


Se with milk thistle and vitamin E .For reference

Larry Smarr video on gut bugs

AHR real important stuff-thread

have to look at this one carefully

mucosa associated ecoli counts and

NO and diet

tryptophan not sure what is going on here have to read

interesting no article,believe his anti-inflammatory diet is full of crap but rest is ok

to lower NO might need to do the following,perhaps impossible diet

low nitrate/nitrate=organic veggies might be enough not sure,low spinach/celery

low citrulline=no watermelon at least it may also be in other veggies

low arginine and orthinine=low protein

Such a diet might be dangerous, really have to look into what can be eaten.

veggie diet interesting,just a normal veggie diet

NO and Sulfide

more nitrate

arginine NO mild colitis experiment


crohns gut bug types

Follow up info.

More new info on dysbiosis in UC. Seems to be a strict anaerobe.

Looks like they are killed off,NO at it again I suspect.

Interesting they say ONSET.

"Bacteria play an important role in the onset and perpetuation of intestinal inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). "

Resistant starch has got to help.

This is perhaps why lacto bacteria helps some people,cross feeding =metabolites from one set of bacteria

feeding others like Faecalibacterium prausnitzii

Seems like we need to eat for our gut ecology,and not just what we like,also might want to cut down on fat.

Might also suggest some citrus fruit with each meal,whole fruit with pulp,or at least juice with pulp.

most abundant in normals and missing in us Faecalibacterium prausnitzii

trying to figure out where they come from

lots of bad actors also

guessing soils


whole grains can increase also bitter melon and yams,not sure how good whole grains are for UC people

not sure what this says but it might seem we need to eat fiber fiber fiber/RS/RS/RS resistant starch

of course this = gas gas gas but this is a way to increase Faecalibacterium prausnitzii

slow process
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Perhaps a clue as to why vegetarians might get UC.


real good article on what happened to our food
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