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Reply to "Mourning & PTSD"

I really understand the compulsive eating...If I have something in the house I usually eat it until it is gone (especially ice cream, chocolate, nuts...) or until I am folded in 2 in pain. 

Cramps don't stop me. 

So I buy less and less and try not to be tempted (a losing battle). 

My pouch hates fat. On the outside of it...if I gain too much weight I put it on on the belly and that is very bad for me and my stoma so I am forced to be careful.

When working I stick to yoghurt, apple sauce, some nuts, raisin, bits of cheese and a banana or peeled apple. 

When I am very good I only eat salads or soup at night. No perogis, no banatage or fried foods. I am being very bad right now!

I summer in Fla and try to get my health back but will not exclude a trip to N.Y. one of these years.  Who knows, maybe we will organize a poucher's jamboree!

Enjoy the end of the holiday


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