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Reply to "Mourning & PTSD"

Just did my 3 days of obligatory cooking (loads of Easter lamb) with salads, sides and all sorts of desserts...yum.

I was so exhauted that I blew up on hubby on Sat...just couldn't stand and cook a minute longer.

My pouch is in a slow period. I don't know if it is/was the all of the probiotics that I took for 6 months but it is practically at a full stop.

I used to empty from 8-12xs/day or more (before and after every meal + 2xs in the morning before leaving for work & at night before bed) turn around time for digestion was less than 1/2hr for fruit in the I am lucky if it comes through 12hrs later. 

I am 90% off of carbs so it doesn't make sense except that the probiotics have put pay to whatever was irritating my system. 

Not sure if I had low grade pouchitis or just some bacterial overload but I miss my fast digestion somewhat. 

Now I don't even feel my pouch (litterally) when it fills. No gas and bloating, no 'I am full, Please empty me' I am litteraly forgetting to empty!!!! That has never happened to me before while I was on solid foods! Not as if I have never taken probiotics before.


Have a happy Easter all...Don't eat too much


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