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Reply to "Master List of KP/Bcir surgeons"

@sldrx posted:

YES, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the K-pouch! There was a whole year between the removal of my colon and my K-pouch surgery when I wore an ostomy bag so I know what that entails. Frankly, I hated wearing the bags and emptying them and all that went with it. The K-pouch has been one of the greatest miracles of my life and I post here and recommend my surgeon so that people know they have options that most surgeons won't even mention because they don't do the surgery themselves.

How often I empty the pouch depends entirely on what and when I eat and drink, and if I'm having a busy day and don't want to have to empty her frequently, I can adjust what I put into her -- less gassy foods, less bulky salads.

Catheters will be covered by your medical insurance and you just rinse them out in the sink when you're done intubating. They're made of flexible silicone, and they stay pretty clean for weeks but you can change them as often as you want. I keep one in a baggie in my handbag with a packet of lubricant so I can empty her 'on the road.'

I have annual checkups with Dr Kiran in NYC, where I live. (Dr Kiran at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Hospital (212) 342-1155) I had no problems for years and years so I don't know that you really need to have an annual checkup -- but knowing what I know  with 18 years of experience I would definitely get this surgery again even if I lived a few hours away from the doctor I needed to see if I had any problems. I traveled to Cleveland twice to get this surgery and still think it was one of the BEST decisions I ever made.

WOW thank-you for all of that insight!

I believe its recommended for us "POUCH" people to get scoped every 1-3 years.

I love how you call your K-pouch "HER", I do that too with my J-pouch. Have you named your K-pouch???

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