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@New577 posted:

this thread is way old and I would love to know why the former member was so opposed to it, considering it is now accepted as a medicinal treatment for a number of ailments.


While this thread is "way old", I chose to revive it with my recent post mainly because there are around 15 plus marijuana threads of varying age, this thread came to the top of the search results, and I do not think any of the 15 or so others were "new" either.  There is already way too many threads on the topic, and I was simply trying to eliminate "board clutter" caused by posters who do not have the courtesy to do a 10 second search and see if there are existing threads on the topic before starting a new one.  By starting a new thread, I would have added to the ridiculous board clutter and made research on the marijuana topic even harder with even more threads.

In a perfect world, there would be one combined thread on all facets of the topic, but guess what, it's not a perfect world.

One other thing I wanted to mention which is more of a response to MysticCobra's post but to yours as well, is that almost all of the numerous marijuana threads suffered the same fate as this one, which is to become sidetracked with posts advancing anti-marijuana agendas.  In some cases, that has been by some narrow minded/judgmental Holy Roller types, and in at least 2 cases I recall, they packed up their toys and left when they were told to stop hijacking the thread.  The former member in this thread had something of a long background story for his anti-marijuana position, which he elaborated on at length in another thread on marijuana and it kind of took him out of the "Holy Roller" realm.  More recently we had another poster, also no longer around, who would repeatedly interrupt the thread to tell us that marijuana was "evil", and implying that some harsh judgment awaited those who used it.  I think that poster had a bunch of posts deleted, and then eventually packed up the toys and went home.

My own intention in reviving the thread was not to start or revive a non-constructive debate on these issues, but to actually contribute information on the topic, based on my own personal experience testing a marijuana product, which I did.

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