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I use cheap store brand sanitary napkins/pads. The kind with sticky tape on it to put on my underwear. And I add some double sided tape from the dollar store to keep it in place better (that's optional). I cut the pads in 3 equal parts and one large pack last awhile. I also cut and fold a paper towel to put between the sanitary pad and opening. 

I buy the lube tubes in bulk and I can usually get a better deal when I do that and sometimes add free shipping. I use an old prescription bottle for at home and I purchased a travel bottle for on the road (the size the TSA like). I squeeze some of the lube in the bottle and dip the catheter in.

I also purchase coverlets band-aid to cover the opening at other times. I put a folded paper towel under the band aid to soak up more discharge. I also purchase both in bulk to hopefully save some money.

I mostly use the sanitary napkin/paper towel for the most part. Depending on the situation, I may use the band aid/paper towel for other occasions. But I found that pulling off a band aid 10 to 12 times a day isn't really fun. So that's why I mostly use the sanitary napkin/paper towel combo. 

But the reusable bamboo pads seems intriguing. I think I'll look into that as well.

Thanks to all for all the info. Good luck and peace of mind to everyone. Have a most beautiful day. 

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