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Happy to be getting all the responses. I use a tube every 2 days. Only use the packets  when on a longer journey, or more now as I can’t keep the tubes in supply. Presently both on back order I am told!

I do order in bulk and buy every one on the shelves I can for of 3 inch padded bandages , waterproof,and add the extra padding of soft layered gauze , then cover all with folded paper towels taped on me and still many times am leaking through. 

I have had 2 Jpouches and now the  Kpouch, a year and a half, do you all think this has to do with  having very little bowel left, that I have to empty about 12 times a day? 

Also, huge amount of gas adds to difficulty of entubating, also adding to the cost of clothing, big clothes, little clothes😳😂,But all women get that issue. Hmmm?

2 months ago ago I had a fecal transplant for C diff and at least my poop 💩 doesn’t stink anymore ( well that’s what I think anyway🤷‍♀️) I’m kinda restricted for awhile on what I can put in me.

Im gonna try Amazon again today.

Thanks for the tips! Always appreciate 






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