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Lost my Job


I was diagnosed with UC in 2015. I left my job at 11 years in August 2016 to work for a company that had my dream job. I was In a senior in my position. I never had a bad review I was really good at what I did and people respected me . When I was hired at said company, I was six months pregnant (this wasn’t oops!), I did not disclose my health issues because 1 it’s unethical for them not to hire me, and 2, I was really hoping to get better. I could not predict the future Know what was to come. I got an increase in salary in about 40% more with more benefits as well. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Shortly after I was hired I was in my third trimester. I have been in Remicade since I was diagnosed back in 2015. My OB/GYN and gastroenterologist made me go off Remicade for the baby sake. I was miserable every single day. I was begging to get induced early. I knew I was going to be induced on a certain day because I was a geriatric diabetic. I went In on a Monday night, got induced and did not have my baby until That Thursday. I was in labor so long I got sick and so did my baby and had to go to ICU. I knew right after delivery I was really sick. I got up to go to the bathroom and shit all over the bathroom floor. It was so disgusting and embarrassing I cleaned it up myself.

after I return home I just cried I felt awful. At the same time this is happening my sister is in ICU in a coma for a perforated colon and sepsis, so my parents were with her most of the time. They came to see me once at home but not when I had the baby or when I was in labor. I got really sick lost a lot of weight became very anemic. I tried prednisone and Remicade again but the Remicade did not work. That is when I made the decision to go to my surgeon and get the surgeries done. They told me they had to remove my entire colon and then the surgery several months later I could be hooked back up with a J pouch. 

fast forward to September of that year. I went back to work and did the best I could but got sick again and again and again. I was in and out of work for two or three months at a time from April 2018 to August 2018. I would get the flu because of a suppressed immune system and be sick for a week. During this time my boss would give me a little work to do or make me do inventory or clean the production room for months at a time. As I slowly start to become used to everything I stayed at work for another year steadily not missing more than one or two days every other month. I still is not getting the amount of work or the level of work that I was used to doing. I would get ignored by my team and my supervisor and I was just treated differently. I became so depressed and thought about finding another job but I thought I just wait it out and see if things got better. It didn’t and they fired me in January 2020. When I asked why they said it was due to performance and lack of confidence in me to do the work. I asked for specifics but they could not and would not provide them to me. They offered me a severance package for three months and a good one at that. I asked why they would provide a severance package to someone they fired and they just said they wanted me to find something that fits me better. I basically signed a contract so I could not sue them later on. I was crushed.

I would look for a job day after day from the end of February to August and because of Covid not a lot of companies are hiring. I became so depressed some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed. I have three young boys that don’t deserve this. My house is in shambles and I’m not one to like Clutter or filth, it stresses me out.

I lost my insurance and had to go without my medications. I had to sign up for government assistance for my family and me. It took three months to get approved for Cimzia, so I went without that or prednisone or my other medications that I am on (High blood pressure, diabetes and depression and anxiety meds). I also applied for unemployment and did not get excepted for a month and a half as well. 

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I was fired because of my health. I understand that an employee needs to be responsible and reliable. But I was back for a year with minimal time out and not given a chance like I should’ve been given to prove myself.

Currently, I been freelancing from home and it’s actually working out well because I have my bathroom right there, or if I feel sick I can just lay down. Funny though, the company I’m freelancing for respects me says I’m doing great and I’m rocking it.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself. my family and friends really feel that I was let go because of my health. But I’m not sure what to think I can’t stop blaming myself. 

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