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Reply to "living between bm's"

First of all I want to thank everyone for all the nice words and advice. It really helps me to understand this phase of recovery and gives me the energy to move on. I think the combination of my current problems and the mental aspect of the recovery has knocked me down, but.. not knockout.

Winterberry: thank you for the encouraging words. I try to live by all the advice I found on this great site. I take probiotics every day, pay attention to what I eat, drink enough water, don't eat spicy food, make sure I get enough exercise. So a setback is then difficult to process. I sometimes forget that time is the best medicine.

Sarah: I took 4 Imodium and psyllium fiber until I got a partial blockage. I currently use 1 or 2 Imodium per day. I wait a little longer with psyllium until I know for sure what the reason was for the blockage. I am glad that I am not the only one who has this annoying feeling that something is always "there" and that it's not due to the construction of my pouch.

Davina: In the hospital I told myself that I have reached the bottom and that I have to do everything to get my life back. So I sometimes feel guilty about complaining, because I know that it can or could be much worse. I hope you recover well.

Still Standing: mentally it's  very difficult sometimes. I had a socially active life and i'm afraid I can no longer do the fun things without worrying, going on vacation, going out to dinner, get drinks in the pub, you know just enjoying life. Next week i have a appointment with my GI for a scope. I will give a update after my scope. 

I just need a few good days in a row without any problems to see the good things again I think. Thanks again everyone.


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