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Light pouchitis. Need advices

Good day all,

I have had "tailbone" pain since the beginning of the lockdown in March. And after doing a biopsy found a light pouchitis. That is now causing lots a spasms at the same areas. 

I have been given :  2mg budeno and then 40mg cortisone for like a week but did not improve and now on 2x 500mg cipro et VSL3.

I have been able to eat EVERYTHING for the last 2 years without the colon. Just coffee, lactose and chili spices would make me go straight away, so I don't think it was related to food. Now I know I am VERY stressed on a daily basis and I know that is what has caused me pouchitis ( Lockdown + 8 exams + uncertain future due to COVID). And then, I am freaking out on having a chronic pouchitis or having to go back to the bag so it is even more stressful (vicious cycle) so I want to try anything possible from the start... 

So far I have read that : - Low carb, no gluten, 2x 2teas spoons of manuka honey, eating fermented (kombucha and kefir) could help ? Any taught? Ideas or advices? 

Also doing meditation and taking CDB oil to reduce the stress but not sure if any of you have more advices to give... 

Thanks a lot for your advices,

Stay safe all of you !  


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