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Jonathan posted:


This story brought tears to my eyes, and I'm pretty emotionless!

I have never related to a piece of text more in my life, i'm 3 months post takedown and I have never been so depressed before, not even when I was sick. But reading your story and just about every other one with a happy twist at the end gives me so much hope. I've been doing pretty well so far, i'm able to walk around quite often, i've been trying new foods without too many issues and I'm by some grace of god only going to the bathroom around 4-8 times a day depending on what/when/how much I eat. 

I see myself adjusting quicker than the average jpoucher (or maybe it's just all in my head) so I know that the endgame is near. My biggest issue is how fragile I am. Sort of like a dandelion. I've always been athletic and active so now being a bum that lays in bed all day because i can't handle too much physical activity is stressful. Also my ostomy site has healed, but it's still quite pink and fresh. 

I have yet to try eating raw veg but that's okay, not my biggest concern.

Do you remember how long it took before you felt ready to take on sports/physical activity again?



I'm happy my story has been impactful to you.  

I believe I started attempting to exercise about 4-5months post-takedown.  Very minimal at first.  Walking 3-days a week, followed by walk/run 3-days a week, until I could fully run for 30-mins 3x/week.  I did that for quite a while.  

Again, I went through "growing" pains of new anatomy for a while.  As the pouch begins to expand and tolerate the jostling of running, you may find that exercise may exacerbate any discomfort you may have.  You have to listen to your body.  

You should also try to continue any other hobbies/activities that interest you to keep your mind active.  Socialize as much as you can tolerate.  All these things will help you with depression, as will exercise.  But, if you find yourself still in the dumps, there is no shame in utilizing an anti-depressant to get yourself over the hump.  



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