Reply to "Life gets better post surgery: The Whole Shebang"

I know you started this post a long time ago. But you did a great job explaining.  I have an end ileo now. Went through the pouch thing. Didn't work. 

But it's still 100 percent better than uc. 

Or. A non-functional pouch.  So I'm good. 

It's a hell of a surgery to go through and it knocks you in the dirt for sure. But we can come out ok. And you made that clear. I'm happy yours works well for you. Mine somehow just made it worse. 

Great story. People that are thinking of getting the surgery will be well informed by your original post. 

UC is bad. The surgery is painful. But we do get over it all in time. And when that point is reached. It's wonderful! 

62 years old with an end ileo. And I'm healthy.. right where I need to be. 

(your story sounds like mine. I did it at 58 years. Started it. Being older I think. Was harder. You know. Set in my ways) 


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