Reply to "Kidney stones and surgery for FAP"


Kidney stones seem to be a major problem for many of us...I had my first bout about 20+yrs ago...thought that I was dying...Didn't know that that sort of pain existed.

The first thing that the ER doc asked me was where I lived.  Then he told me that I was in a hard water district and to stop drinking or cooking with strait tap water and to start filtering it with a Brita sort of system. Immediately.

He also told me to stop drinking mineral water (duh) due to the mineral content (double duh)...strictly filtered water, juices or other fluids especially with lemon juice in it (something about the acid/PH balance in the blood)...

I drink a couple of glasses of homemade, sugarfree lemonade daily, lots of water and coffee or herb teas, no sodas except during parties or when out.

It helps.

All pouchers and colonless people will have difficulty with water absorption, even 35+ yrs later.

I go for the 'easiest surgery' first meaning the lowest on the long-term side effect scale...j pouches are extremely viable and an excellent choice. Most people do extremely well and never come here to complain...those that have no problems are very busy living their do not take this site as a reference are seeing a skewed point of view.

By the way, do not neglect your salt need salt.




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