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Thought I'd update -- today it is 10 weeks out from my jpouch removal.  Things have been improving steadily, and I think I'm doing pretty well at this point.

My abdominal incision opened up in one area just before Christmas, so, under the advisement of my WOCN, I've been packing that with silver alginate, increasing my protein intake, and adding 2 Juven packets per day to my diet.  Had an appt. w/my GP today, and he thought it was looking nearly healed.   He also thought my backside looked "great" as well.  I've been using anasept and aquaphor to treat the redness and soreness, apparently it's helped the healing process, along with the additional protein and Juven.  I still sit on a bed pillow or waffle pillow whenever possible and am careful with bending over, etc.

My surgical pain is for the most part ... gone.  I have twangs now and then in the area of my "new" stoma, and here and there, and once in a while in the backside, but otherwise not bad at all.

A few hiccups with the new stoma, in that I think I'm having a reaction to the tape on my convatec moldables , so am trying to work that out.  But the new stoma is longer than the original, so it drains much more nicely into the bag.  I'm taking imodium before meals and bedtime to keep the higher output under control, and that seems to be working pretty well.

I still fatigue quite easily, and was tested for B12 today.  Back to my 3-1/2 mile walks and doing mostly what I did before, except am very careful yet with lifting and moving heavy objects, just really don't want to risk a hernia.

Very glad I had this done and that it's behind me.  The permanence of an ostomy was a little more difficult to come to terms with emotionally than I thought it would be, but I'm almost there.  It's the little things - no drainage (dry underpants!  no panty liners/pads!), no fistulas, no setons, no rush to the bathroom, no pain on pooping, no fevers, and I could go on, that help me get my head straight on this.

Having the pouch removed after 25 yrs was a really, really difficult decision - I considered doing it for about 10 yrs., and of course, wish I had done it earlier.    I was ever so fortunate to have a top notch surgeon and the best husband/support I could ever hope for throughout this ordeal.  And I'd also like to thank all of you for your support - really, knowing you were all out here gave me a feeling of comfort, reassurance, and knowledge of what to expect.

If anyone who is considering removal has any questions or wish to talk further about it, please feel free to PM me.

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