Reply to "Jpouch removal date and time set"

Unless you have a recessed stoma I would not use a ring. 

Less is best. Or worth a try. I tried the ring and had to immediately change. 

All I use is paste on the creases. (cut scars). I put the barrier on and break a q-tip in half and gently push the barrier down around the stoma. Then I go sit with a heating pad on the whole thing for ten minutes to get a good stick and seal. I could go a week (I don't) without changing. And I have a watery output.  The only time I broken the seal is when it's my own fault. Or I let the bag fill past the fill mark (I know. No fill mark. General rule is empty at 1/3rd)  but if I go past that pressure from bending or something will break the seal. 


The less you can get away with using while applying the barrier the better. I know that sounds simple and I know it's more difficult for some to do it that way because of their situations.  

I just found the more I added the more problems cropped up. 

Good luck. 


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