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Got home 2 days ago, a 10 day stay.  Nausea, cramping, inability to eat were the main issues.  Thought it was an ileus, but there was so much liquid coming out of the new stoma, I was considered an "abnormal presentation".  Eventually got a PICC line and TPN for 5-6 days, but they apparently didn't want me going home with it, so it was pulled.  They also did an upper endoscopy to look for any other reason for the pain, suspecting gastritis, and found a medium hiatal hernia (news to me), and mild inflammation.  So I'm on protonix and carafate for a few weeks.  (And ya, I'm 62, you go looking for things you're going to find them.)

My new stoma has become high output.  When I first left the hosp. after surgery, things were working well - getting thick, no where near 1200 cc, which is considered a "danger" zone.  Now, I'm eating more so sometimes it's thick, but it gets watered down immediately with the golden liquid coming out.  Maybe TMI, but it's just weird how it worked fine early on and not so much anymore.  They don't want me on imodium yet, as they think it might make my pain worse?

The pain levels are not too bad, but definitely still there in the gut.  My backside is doing pretty well, not much pain at all, and not much drainage anymore.   There's some extreme fatigue/weakness as well.  One of the fellows at the clinic told me yes I won't be feeling well for quite awhile, he said this is a HUGE operation, and ... his words ... I was butchered!  We got a laugh out of that.  A very honest man.

So now I guess it's a waiting game.  I need to find a way to stay hydrated and eat more, which is difficult since I'm not exactly hungry.  Any tips for food at this time are welcome!

I'm still glad I had the jpouch removed, even through all these setbacks.  My advice to those who are considering removal - do it now, while you're still young, as things do NOT get easier with age.

Ya. I had mine removed at 59. I'm 62 now.

Not easy like you say. But this was my fourth open surgery and the easiest one out of them. I healed and adjusted amazingly fast. Now after 3 years I almost have all my weight back and feel a whole heck of alot better. I waited to long to get it out. Like anyone.i didn't want an end ileo the rest of my life. But I have not felt this good in decades. So I consider it a good trade off. And even after the short time I've had it I feel like I've had it all my life. Weird. I know. It's also amazing to be pain free and eat any damn thing I want at anytime and not worry about how painful it's gonna be coming out. I'm free from that. 


Good luck. 


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