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Reply to "Jpouch prostate cancer treatment"

Hello - Met with Dr. Vivek Narayan, Link to bio , Medical Oncologist HUP.  Focus area is hormone and chemo therapy.  He was engaging, informative, and patient with all of our questions.  It was an education and good to speak to someone vs continuous reading and searching. 

May be redundant for some that have been on this journey, but for me it was new and very informative about hormone therapy: 

  1. Radiation and surgery are the only “cures” or way to eradicate the remaining prostate cancer cells. (Surgery has already removed the prostate in my case)
  2. Re-established and confirmed radiation is not an option for jpouch
  3. Hormone therapy doesn’t cure prostate cancer, just controls
  4. Doesn’t work forever, but can be used without radiation

It was determined that hormone therapy is not recommended at this time, based on my age, 57, active lifestyle, quality of life and level of PSA, 0.014, up from 0.003 in March. Side effects that have been documented in other publications

  1. Libido
  2. hot flashes
  3. weight gain/loss
  4. muscle mass loss
  5. bone density loss 

However, if the PSA levels continue to accelerate at the pace during the next test, Sept 2022, the following options area could be available:

  1. PSMA, PSMA link, is the latest pet scan that can assist in determining the tumor location.
    1. However, PSA levels need to be greater than .2 “detectable” the higher the PSA the greater chance of detection
  2. PSMA would be able to provide a more specific area, organ, lymph node etc that could be explored and directly treated through:
    1. surgery
    2. radiation if not in the jpouch region

Waiting around for the PSA to rise or gets to a detectable level will be a difficult adjustment, but at this time that is  the option that has been presented. I am going to continue pursue other consults at Temple University Hospital and SKMCC, in addition, exploring other treatments. Please chime in if there are other not traditional paths and or if i could be viewing differently.  

Thank you for the collaboration and providing an outlet for jpouch/prostate cancer community!  Knowing that I am not traveling this journey alone is comforting and cathartic.

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