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Reply to "Jpouch prostate cancer treatment"


so while I do not currently have Prostate cancer, I have been running a high PSA (over 10) for many years. Multiple biopsies have shown nothing. This is a subject that as a poucher makes me nervous. I keep close tabs on all of the forums as to see what men are doing these days.

I my opinion I would not wait for metastatic cancer to rear its ugly head. While radiation will almost always be contraindicated for us pouchers, I would seriously consider ADT at this point.   It usually does a good job initially (but I do not know how long) of keeping the cancer cells in remission that have spread out of the prostate bed.

now I realize it’s easy for me to say ADT as I am not the one that will have the side effects.  But from what I have read, it could could keep things at bay for a long time.

I do not even know what I would do as a first line therapy if PCa ever shows in my body.

keep us posted and hoping you have a good outcome.

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