Reply to "J-Pouchers who have had pouches at least 10 years: Nausea/Food urges"

Huh..#1. That's GREAT you have had a j pouch for 34 years!! I love that!!!


Did the Prevacid take away your dizziness? Just curious.


I am hesitant to put more over the counter and even prescriptions into my body.


I have Doterra (essential oils that are very pure) Ginger oils that I can take via mouth, Doterra ginger sucking candies and even ginger capsules from another company that seem to help with Dizziness.


I don't get nausea every day either so again, I am not really interested in buying more stuff over the counter.

The bouts of severe hunger.. do you think that associated with GERD? I find that after I have a large bowel movement, is when I feel that way and yeah, having various snacks around is a good thing.

At work, we have a full size fridge and I try and keep small yogurts, small applesauces, fruit etc in it and here at the desk, have a jar of almond butter and stonewheat crackers, sometimes other things like a can of sardines or oysters etc.

And if I travel, I always have a variety of snacks to eat in the car so I don't lose time stopping to get stuff or spend outrageous amounts of money at quick marts!


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