Reply to "J-Pouchers who have had pouches at least 10 years: Nausea/Food urges"

Dancing Girl posted:

Hi: I am interested in speaking with CURRENT J-pouchers who have had their pouches for at least 10 years and are relatively healthy. Every few days, I wake up so nauseous. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. I have found that Doterra Ginger, which is an essential oil and can be taken internally to be helpful. I have also munched on a vareity ginger candies but don't find that as helpful unless I eat a lot of it. Ginger tea is good however, I am not always in a situation where I can make hot tea or have the time to drink it.


Has anyone else found they have this issue and figured out other ways to deal with it?


Also, sometimes, I just feel extremely famished. Sometimes it happens after a long session of emptying my pouch of gas and stool, sometimes it just happens. I feel like I have to eat something right away or I will either feel really sick or feel like I'm gonna faint.


Anyone else get this from time to time???




i was having the same issues with nausea for the longest time, I was on zofran for a while, but didn’t seem to work any longer. My pcp put me 40mg of Pepcid once a day. Took care of the nausea haven’t had it since.

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