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Reply to "J-pouchers in London"

Hi i feel great other than having this bag stuck to me. Ive been lucky not to have lived with the illness too long before having surgery. My insides must be ok because they took all the bad large intestine away. Why would i be more at risk from infection because i had sepsis before? I wasnt informed of this. Im under the impression that if things dont work out with the j pouch then i can go back to how i am now. Why couldnt I? 

What affect would loosing the j pouch have on my body?  I had an epidural when i had surgery but unfortunately it didnt work as when i came round in recovery i was only meant to be there for 2-3hours but was there 12 hours as they couldnt control the pain. I hope that doesnt happen again. 

Maybe i am lucky as i am and im being selfish trying to get more sense of normality by going for a j pouch.  I just feel that if it all works outi would feel more back as i was if that makes sense. 

I dont like to put my family through it all again but if i dont go through with it i will always wonder what if! 

I never thought my life would end up like this as i was 100% fit and healthy before then all of a sudden out of no where struck down with this illness. 

I hope that one day they find a cure and exact cause for crohns and ulcerative colitis. I was hoping the map vaccine was going to be a success before i had my surgery but unfortunately not. 

I was told by my stoma nurse that men have more success than women with the j pouch. Not heard this before but i was told that sometimes men can suffer from erectile disfunction but only a very small percentage. 

Im very grateful for all your feedback even though i probably dont come across as i am. I too am 35 just. The damn 30's looks like its bad for a lot of people!  


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