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Reply to "J pouch runs life as well"

Simplex - at what week or month from takedown did you start really feeling better? I am 7 weeks out from takedown so almost 2 months. I am going about 8-10 times per day and 1 time at night. My dr said that is about normal for this time....

I think at two months I was going about 6-8 times a day and once at night. However, I have also been on 3 imodium/day so if I didn't take that it would be more.

I started feeling really good like 3 weeks ago (im s a little over 3 months out) because of the cipro. the signs of pouchitis are:

1. Very watery stool. 2. High frequency. 3. Urgency. 4. Maybe blood.

I was going like 6-8 times a day and randomly shot up to like 10-12. Doctor ordered cipro and it all turned around.

That's definitely normal regardless though. My doctor says he only really hears about people's frequency improving, not getting worse as time goes on.
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