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Reply to "J pouch runs life as well"

Since you've just had your takedown, you need to go slowly. Your body has to heal and adjust. I think I was 6 weeks before I even felt slightly normal.

The bowel movements should begin to reduce in frequency as well. Try avoiding anything with lots of fiber for awhile (4-6 weeks).

I found rice and cheese to help bind and slow things down, just be careful you don't slow things down too much or you'll be straining.

I found immodium in the beginning to be a necessity. I no longer use immodium unless I'm going on an all day hike.

Fatigue gets better after your body heals. I think fatigue is a way for your body to tell your head, HEY, I'M NOT DONE HEALING YET.

If you have cramping, I found that marijuana stops that quickly. MJ also helps put weight back on by giving you the munchies.

Try not to push yourself too hard. It's easy to over-do it when you so desperately want to be "normal" again, but your body must have time to heal. Don't set yourself up for failure and then get depressed. Try and take it slow if you can.

FWIW: I think I had 10-15 BM's a day in the beginning. Plus butt burn and butt itch. Those get better after a week and then disappear. Butt itch is a SCRATCH ME RIGHT NOW type of thing. Honest, sometimes a q-tip was the only way to get it to stop.
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