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GherlFriday posted:
Kushami posted:

I'm very sorry to hear of your difficult situation. Living with pain is inhumane. I hope you can get help soon. Do you have surgery scheduled?

I've been living like this for about 20 yrs. I'd been telling drs that my j-pouch had moved and that it felt like it had fallen on to my pelvic floor. Every dr said, that's not possible. Then I went to the Cleveland Clinic and they confirmed what I'd said plus even more damages.

I am going down to the hospital on Tues to be admitted and then when they feel I am up to it they will proceed with the reconstructive surgery.

I'm so glad to hear the Cleveland Clinic diagnosed your problem. I have to admit that I fantasise about going there to get my pouch problem fixed if I win the lottery (I live in Australia).

It sounds like they are taking good care of you and you will be able to get "better enough" for surgery soon.

I wonder if while you are there you might take advantage of any counselling or support they have for patients. I've had minor chronic pain for six years and talking it over with a sympathetic counsellor who understands pain has been useful occasionally, if only because they know what you are on about. Family and friends can be sympathetic, but unless they have had chronic pain they just don't "get it".

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