Reply to "j pouch in one surgery..anyone??"

Hello all.
I was not eating cherrios but a different cereal and didn't know it at the time but it was messing me up bad.  Finally figured that one out.
Two months is not long after surgery.  When I was two months out I was still very sick.... Sore... In bad shape.
I had lapro and two open surgeries. 
It took me forever to get to feeling ok. 
But my situation was different and everyone's is so you can't compare one to another.  You can....  to see if you need things checked by a Dr... And get opinions. 
It took nine months for me after surgery to just get back to work.  I had my surgery in October of 13...thought I would be back to work by February of 14.
No way.  It was June of 14 before I went back and was still weak. 
I still have problems.  No infections or anything.   Just won't work right.
I hope you get it figured out.  I know it's tough. But you have to be patient and give it time to work.  Also high foods to eat and avoid.
Good luck to you.
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