Reply to "Itchy rectum. Still...."

Sometimes I experience an itchy anus and I came to the conclusions that on occassions, after a BM, there's an acidic residue, which with normal wiping & cleansing, still remains within the anus.

My solution, is to wrap my finger within a wet wipe and insert just the tip of my finger & wet wipe into the anus.

I repeat this, re-wrapping my finger within a clean area of the wet wipe and inserting until the wet comes out looking clean; I only have to do this twice, maybe three times just after a BM and only when the itching occurs.

Although, this sounds rather messy, uncomfortable and somewhat unpleasant, I can assure you it isn't and it's preferable to the discomfort of an itchy anus throught out the day.

On occassion, I also apply a small amount of ilex paste.

If you've not already tried ilex to alleviate your butt burn; I suggest you give it a try, in my opinion, it's by far the best solution.

The makers of ilex provide free sample sachets prior to purchase, although I managed to aquire a free tube from them.

In the UK, ilex Paste is also available on NHS prescription. 


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