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Reply to "Itchiness out of control"

@GEB56 posted:

Why oh why is the itching so insane!

I find ilex paste is the best product to alleviate itching.

  Apply a very small pea size amount to the area; I find it best to apply slap bang into middle, then smooth the ilex paste outwards and away in all directions.

When applying the ilex paste, less is more.

If your itching is caused by an internal Anal Fissure, apply a small pea size amount of ilex Paste onto the tip of a finger and apply it internally, just to the inner edge of anal sphincter; normally, when applying the ilex in such a manner, once the ilex hits the spot, you’ll know about it.

Applying the ilex in such a manner sounds uncomfortable and unpleasant but I can assure you it isn’t and it's preferable to the itching; sometimes, needs must.

The ilex tube and packaging actually says it's For External Use Only but I’ve been applying it internally on and off for years and without issues.

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