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Reply to "Issues adjusting to new J-Pouch"

I know sugar gives me gas & makes more acid & output. I also have very acidic loose stools. Sugar also gives me pimples at my age! So it's easy to stay away. I am more of a salt craver.  Tried eating Tums often & tried acid reducer pills OTC, nothing helped. 


Tenacious, I had trouble emptying my pouch & found out it was installed upside down. Had surgery a few years ago to correct it & am much better now. I also lost all my extra weight.  Had my original surgeries in 1994-5. I am glad I had the surgeries. It was hard for the first few years but I didn't eat the right foods.


I was on cortisone allot before surgery and gained lots of extra weight. I was always hungry. Now I find the less I eat the better I feel. Eat oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for lunch & maybe toast w peanut butter for snack. Dinners could be anything, I just don't stuff myself. I usually have pasta, rice, potatoes or bread with some protein, meat or chicken and a smooth veggies. Salad a few times a week, but only romaine lettuce. Chewing your food well is very important. I cut up everything small too.  I use the old triangle balanced diet. Lol. I keep really hydrated, drink water w lemon, G2 Gatorade, decaf diet iced tea and one cup of coffee a day.  


Mary Beth, Would like to to find time for biofeedback but I just can't seem to sit still. Love doing project around the house. There is always something to do! I really need some me time. Does ins. usually cover the cost? 


Scott, do you need a doctors prescription to get the Questran? Do pharmacies usually carry it or is it a special order? I would be interested in the light formula. I have kidney disease from being given Toradol in the hospital for a month. I guess I need to talk to my nephrologist first. 


One one day at a time, right? 

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