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Intubation (catheter) for pouch and S Pouch


This is my first post as I'm new to the site and I'm struggling to find anybody in a similar position to me.

I'm 25, I've had several surgeries over the years to treat colitis and have had an 'S' pouch since March last year. I know this forum is for J pouches but I cannot find anybody or any forums for S pouches so I feel quite alone in that aspect.

I'm currently waiting, pending coronavirus, to see a nurse who will give me a catheter like tube to empty my pouch via the anus when I need to go to hopefully reduce my bathroom visits during the day as currently I'm around 10 to 15. I was wondering if anybody with a J pouch uses as tube to empty their pouch and if so does it significantly reduce your bathroom trips?

Thank you so much for any replies, I've tried facebook groups and everything but I could not find anybody to speak too.


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