Reply to "Incontinence Anyone?"

No tips other than keep those muscle strong.

Always keep a blue pad under your sheets between you and the matress, sleep with a protected towel under you and give up on white sheets.

That is what I had to do for years. I have a k pouch and had a couple of very bad years where it leaked (also irritated the heck out of my stoma and skin...I needed to use Desitin cream as a barrier to protect myself) constantly, I had to wear a bag and that leaked too. 

Just not having white or light colored sheets helped me to not get depressed. 

I had a stock of those blue pads and when things were bad I had them in layers on my bed: between the mattress and the mattress pad, the pad and the sheets and the sheets and me.

I would only change if necessary. 

Have you changed anything in your diet recently that could be the culprit or cause the sudden leakage? Maybe a food allergy? 



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