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Reply to "Imodium/Citrucel: How much & when"

Thanks so much for the help...

We've been kind of confused on good fiber/bad fiber. Oatmeal, vegetables and fruit are probably all too much? He was taking Metamucil but it seemed to cause more gas than Citrucel. He is taking prescription Imodium (Loperamide) capsules, he opens them and usually takes it with a spoon full of applesauce or yogurt. Is Loperamide different from Lomotil? Does it make a difference if he takes it 30 mins vs right before eating? I'll let him know to lay off the fiber, stick with white bread/pasta type foods and wait a while after eating before drinking.

He's usually able to get his 64 ounces in, as recommended by his dr. The challenge is eating small, frequent meals and drinking enough... without drinking too close to eating...

Recently he just hasn't been feeling too well, not sure if it's one of the many bugs going around or what. He's been having night sweats too, which we're hoping isn't related to the abscess he had after surgery. He recently started taking an antidepressant, which has a common side effect of sweating. It's just so hard to know what to worry about and what's considered normal... especially since his surgeon is in Minnesota and we're in Michigan.

Thank you for your reply's, we really appreciate the support.

Glad you're doing better Manny! You're posts have been helpful since you two are in the same time frame of recovery.

Take care and thanks again!
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