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Scott F posted:

Slouchy, one possibility is Lomotil. It’s a prescription medication, so it doesn’t serve your personal liberation goals, but it seems reasonably priced (though it would feel less so at 10 pills per day). I’d suggest at least calling your pharmacy to find out how much it would cost. It’s the closest thing to Imodium that’s available (that isn’t Imodium). In any case, I hope you find a doctor with whom you can have a less adversarial, more constructive partnership.

I’d advise against that much Pepto-Bismol, but you might get good (maybe even better) results from combining reasonable doses of more than one product - some Imodium, some Pepto-Bismol, some psyllium fiber, etc.

Hehe, thanks for the measured response. I don't really have adversarial relationships with anyone. If someone is a turd I just move on to the next person. That is an exhausting and expensive approach but it has kept me alive where others may have just died. I have a lot of complex medical issues. Heck, I'm even in the Mayo Clinic books. I'm famous!

I've had some fantastic doctors who were simultaneously wonderful people but they eventually retire or move on due to their life circumstances. Things change. 

I'll try the combo approach. Thanks for that. 

Opiate hysteria is a funny thing. If I go to a doc for dehydration/diarrhea I'll end up going moving something much more regulated and dangerous like tincture of opium. Oh the irony. I hear that works better than anything else but is obviously the most regulated. I've found certain compounding pharmacies to have reasonable pricing. Maybe 2 out of 10 but you can find them if you live in a large enough city area. 

On a side note I looked over one of the cases ex FDA chief Scott Gottlieb used to justify yanking imodium. A gal who was a  heroin addict used around 200mg of imodium per day for about 12 months. She had heart issues and was constantly fainting. They used that as an example of drug misuse and danger but really, all that shows is how safe imodium is. Try that will advil and you will be dead within hours. I bet swallowing a handful of multivitmains will kill you. Drink more than 2 liters of water per hour and you are going to be deader than a doornail fast.

On the bright side Gottlieb resigned last week citing stress & family but the real story was his opposition broke their collective feet in his butt while kicking him out the door. I sure hope he doesn't need pelvis surgery because he's going to have a heart attack from all of those NSAIDs he's promoting.

To make his mark promoting opiate hysteria he succeeded at harming 1.6 million people with bowel diseases and similar disorders because of a few junkies and their actions. 

It is pure tragedy for us and the junkies. You don't see this hysteria in other developed countries because they have social programs that are available to addicts. Here, it's whack-a-mole every time the clandestine chemists figure out how to tweak an existing OTC drug to get the junkies high. Our gov bans substances instead of just spending cash on helping the addicts. It's a lose lose for everyone. 

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