I am facing Removal of Rectum and J-Pouch due to chronic Pouchitis

Hi there   

      I am new to this site and I am commonly known as Magoo . I had a sudden Onset of Ulcerative Colitis at about 24. I had never been in hospital, never been ill for any reason until suddenly I woke up with an Ileostomy bag stuck to my belly .  After a couple of years I was offered a J-Pouch and I jumped at the opportunity to get rid of my plastic Baggie.  The J-Pouch worked pretty well for a number of years , allowing for a couple of wonderful relationships , etc over the years when it worked well for me.

    The Inevitable Pouchitis arrived and I put up with much pain and suffering in order to avoid having the Ileostomy  again. Eventually I had no choice and my J-Pouch had to be disconnected . A loop Ileostomy was installed with my Rectum and the J-Pouch left in place.  My Ileostomy is working just as it is supposed to and Is giving me no trouble so it is not a problem.

   Currently with my Rectum  in place and my J-Pouch  still in place  I have been advised that both should be removed in order to alleviate the chronic inflammation, pain and cramping that I have been suffering from . My entire Pelvic area has been feeling inflamed and in pain for months and I think I have to follow the advice of my surgeon. 

   Now to my questions.   

Just recently I met a lovely Lady ( It's been a Long Time !! ) and have been able to enjoy the affection and comfort that a woman can bring a long time Loner.  She also has an Ileostomy  so we can enjoy  some good times together without fear of embarrassment . My concerns should be obvious at this point as far as sexual function is concerned !!??  

How long and how bad is the recovery from the surgery .

What physical complications have you encountered .

How badly was sexual function affected ...if at all ?? 

I'm going to begin Cipro tomorrow to battle the Pouchitis before I decide on my surgery.  Have you tried Cipro alone or with Flagyl ?? was it effective ??

   Any information that might be helpful would be really appreciated .

Thank you All   , Eamon  and Happy New Year to All ...  

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